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Frequently Asked Questions

For the Auto Professional

1. There are no warning lights on the vehicle's dashboard. Does it still need to be calibrated?

In most cases, a thrown ADAS code will not display a warning light on the dashboard. Performing an OEM level scan is the only fail-proof (and liability proof) way to determine if a calibration is needed. 

2. When performing a windshield replacement in which the camera is not removed, is a calibration still required?


Yes. According to the official OEM

position statements, windshield replacements must

be followed up by a documented calibration.


Given that cameras can be inadvertently moved

and the replacement windshield may not sit exactly

as the original windshield did, the only way to 

guarantee vehicle and customer safety is by scanning 

and calibrating the vehicle after the replacement is


3. I have a scan tool that can perform pre and

post scans and clear codes. Is that enough to be

OEM compliant and protect my liability?

Maybe. Maybe not.  Many scan tools on the market today do not read all codes or indicate ADAS modules. This can result in undiagnosed ADAS faults, resulting in a vehicle that is not safe for your customer. Only a factory level tool can read all codes, properly diagnose all misaligned ADAS systems and perform the necessary calibrations. 

4. Can't I just send the vehicle to the dealership for calibration?

Typically, dealerships can perform calibrations on vehicle makes they sell. Although this can be a helpful service, relying on the dealer does have drawbacks. The first is convenience. Dealerships will require that you, the auto repair facility, facilitate the transportation of the vehicle at your expense. Another drawback is turnover time. A week to two weeks is not unusual given the dealership's priority to service their own customers first. 


At Excalibrations of Erie we make the process timely and convenient by offering on site scans and pickup/delivery for calibrations. In most cases, we can service the vehicle within 48 hours, greatly reducing the wait time for you and your customer.

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