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You're driving down the highway at 75 MPH in the right lane when you come upon a vehicle moving a bit too slow for your liking. You quickly look in your rearview mirror to check for any oncoming vehicles. The left lane looks clear so you hit the turn signal in preparation to pass. Right before making your move, you glance in the left side mirror and that's when you see it: an illuminated yellow light alerting you to a vehicle in your blind spot. 

The feature that just saved you from colliding with the unseen vehicle is known as Blind Spot Monitoring and it is one of the many Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) designed to help drivers travel safely. These systems, when working properly, are wonderful tools that can alert drivers to dangers on the roadway and even intervene in potentially hazardous situations. Thanks to ADAS features, countless accidents have been avoided and lives have been saved. 

But imagine if these features stop functioning properly. The result can be tragic. This is why vehicle manufacturers require that every ADAS system be scanned and recalibrated after any event that is known to disrupt or misalign these critically important features. Such events include:

- Fender bender

- Glass replacement

- Wheel alignment

- Collision 

- Bumper repair

It is important to note that most malfunctioning safety systems do not display a warning light on the vehicle's dashboard. Since there is no visible alert, many repair facilities and body shops are unaware that a calibration is required per manufacturer guidelines. At Excalibrations of Erie, we employ the latest technology and highest industry standards to diagnose misaligned ADAS features and restore them to proper working order. We run factory level OEM scans on every make and model of vehicle on the road today and perform both dynamic and static calibration (depending on the manufacturer's requirements).


At Excalibrations of Erie, we believe that restoring your vehicle's safety features to proper working order shouldn't be a hassle. We strive to make the scan and calibration process simple, accessible and timely for customers. We do this by offering mobile services whenever possible and door-to-door pick up and delivery when the repairs must be performed at our location. 


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