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Maximum Safety, Minimum Liability 

The auto industry is changing, and with it the auto repair facilities responsibility to ensure that every vehicle is a safe vehicle. 

The question is, how do you, as an automotive professional, protect your client's safety while protecting your business' liability?

The answer is EXcalibrations of Erie. 

  • Fully insured, ICar Platinum Technicians

  • Quick turnaround time

  • Pick up, delivery & mobile scans available

  • Improved cycle time and KPI

  • Sublet markups add to profit

  • Full documentation on invoice

  • OEM level scans & calibrations

  • Cloud stored results

  • Position statement compliant 


As the auto industry changes, so does the need for scans and calibrations. Our goal at Excalibrations of Erie is to not only provide you, the auto professional, with a convenient and cutting edge service but, also, be a resource for you and your team. Our mission is to work with you to keep your customers safe. 


(814) 838-8577



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